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By entering this website, I acknowledge the following:

1. The Interim Reports on this website that are accessible to me may be updated periodically, as new information is collected, and that I should not interpret any Interim Report to be a final Consumer Report.

2. The Consumer Reports on this website are subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act ("FCRA"). I am familiar with and shall at all times be in compliance with the FCRA and other state and federal laws relating to the obtaining and use of information contained on this website and will abide by the terms of the Agreement between U.S. Security Care, Inc. and my employer.

3. U.S. Security Care, Inc. may conduct periodic reviews of my activity and may, on a random basis, contact me to provide documentation of my procurement and use of the Consumer Reports provided on this website. U.S. Security Care, Inc. may also investigate all legitimate reports of abuse or misuse of its services by me or others, and I shall cooperate fully with all such investigations.

4. I acknowledge that: a) U.S. Security Care, Inc. is not my legal counsel and does not provide legal advice, b) U.S. Security Care, Inc. has advised me of the importance of working with my own legal counsel to ensure overall screening program compliance with the FCRA and state law, and c) the Consumer Reports provided by U.S. Security Care, Inc. must be used by me in compliance with state and federal law.

5. I have made a clear and conspicuous disclosure in a separate document to the prospective employee for whom I am requesting a Consumer Report.

6. I have obtained permission in writing from the prospective employee for procurement of such Consumer Report.

7. Prior to taking any adverse action regarding the employment of the prospective employee based upon the Consumer Report, I will provide a copy of the Consumer Report and a summary of consumer rights prescribed by the Federal Trade Commission to the prospective employee.

8. The information provided in the Consumer Report will not be used in violation of any federal or state equal opportunity law or regulation.

9. If I am requesting an Investigative Consumer Report as defined by the FCRA, which includes information regarding a prospective employee’s character, general reputation, personal characteristics, mode of living or the like, then in addition to the foregoing, I have clearly and accurately disclosed in writing to the prospective employee that I am obtaining an Investigative Consumer Report, including the nature of the investigation, and have included in this disclosure a statement informing the prospective employee that I will provide the prospective employee, upon request, additional information regarding the nature and scope of the investigation and a written summary of consumer rights


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